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I am both,an independent,Non-denominational,Private Counselor & Information Architect.
I have been Licensed to the ministry of God’s Word since 1983(click to see license).
Your visits and interest are always welcome,as well as any links you would like to contribute to make this data base more helpful to the general public,
The website a countless variety of realistic means to assist you in focusing your search for resources,and self empowerment,so that you will experience the inner fulfillment that comes from finding updated answers,alternative healing services,
and new age remedies,anonymously and discreetly,that we know
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I Want to be able to help people find help, for example if someone has a tree emergency they could easily reach
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Why should it be so difficult to find self-help options,all natural cures,and quality,fair priced, remedial environmental and health crisis intervention…???
We don’t do this for profit.This site has been 100% FREE to use since it’s creation.
It is our commitment,that search phraseology assistance and emergency links should always be free to access, in multiple languages,compatible with all levels of education and experience. Enhance the beauty of your property with the expertise of a queens masonry contractor.
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The site provides,Search phrase assistance,as well as hundreds of DIRECT LINKS to ;
Suicide Prevention Counseling,Personal help,,Homeless Assistance,Food Banks,Legal Help,Domestic Crisis Intervention,Addiction Intervention,Criminal Assistance Agencies,Terrorist Reporting Agencies,Weather Disaster,Earthquake,Hurricane,Flood,Tsunami,Tornado,Forest Fire Evacuation And Rescue Assistance,Missing Persons Assistance, Chimney Repair Trenton, Veterans Assistance,Social Services,Natural Alternative Healing,Animal and Pet Care Assistance,Child Welfare,Help for Senior Citizens,Disabled Assistance,Mental Hygiene Assistance,Pregnancy Assistance,Educational Resources,& 24/7 Emergency Assistance Interactive Websites….
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Editor’s Note…
Dear visitors,patrons and regular users of our site,
Every year,throughout the year,I update this site .I add links that could help and remove links that are outdated. Look for a reputable company specializing in Tree Company Suffolk County.
So,at any time,you may see our C.C.C.I. “Blue search phrases” will change,and improve to bring greater results.. Also…modifying the search phrase,by changing the year’s date at the beginning of the search phrase itself,and adding your location,will improve your findings bringing in local results.
For instance,2013 findings for any topic on the page may be be upgraded to;2014,1215,ect.
 These “Blue search phrases”will always produce the same ,comprehensive, type of results,changing the date, (as in 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015 ect.) will produce the current year’s results…!!!
 The pages will always update every year,and new topics and links will be added to the database’s format.I sincerely hope you see that the new results,updated as this method presents itself,produce very satisfying results…!!!
New links will be added,but keep in mind that all of our “C.C.C.I.contributed links” are links that will remain the same and are fairly consistent throughout the site,having been tested for authenticity .
Most all links,if they change addresses,on the World Wide Web,will tell you where to find them,but if you do find a “dead” link on the site,we ask that you to
Feel free to report this to us,so we can update.
We encourage you to modify your usage of all search phrases found on this site yourself,after you load the phrase to the browser of your choice…!!!
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This Website is Dedicated…
To and for the millions of people,who work around the clock,serving humanity,saving lives,often sacrificing their own lives,in the course of their unselfish commitment and diligence,
and of course,to
The basic human right,to seek the truth,and find it.
John 8:32
 “And ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free.”
Here’s a thought on Compassion….
 The word compassion is comprised of two Latin words, “Cum” (pronounced koom) and “Pati” which combined,mean “to suffer together with.”
 “To suffer together with another person means to be there,in whatever way possible,to share the circumstances of another persons life as much as possible,not to add to the world’s pool of suffering,but to gain intimate understanding of what the other requires,” Quaker author Parker Palmer wrote, in “The Active Life.”